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  • It Takes a Village

    Teenage Years

    Teenage Years By Gia Scott Instagram @giascott_ Whether you live in suburbia, the inner city, the middle of nowhere or anything in between; its agreed that our teenage years are the most interesting ones. With anything, there are ‘pros’ and...

    Terrell Mala IG

    Pridefully Yours

    Pridefully Yours By Terrell Renee www.terrellrenee.com Instagram @terrellrenee I knew everything after a hug. Not a kiss… Not sex… Not 50 dates or 5 years later……….. A hug! An innocent, warm embrace turned into lifetimes of lovers, flickering through my...

    BE Confident Black Agate Mala

    What is a Mala?

    Meaning of a Mala A Mala is used for keeping count while reciting, chanting, or mentally repeating a mantra. A traditional Mala contain 108 smooth beads with a knot between each bead. Mala’s have made there way to mainstream fashion,...