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  • A passion dear to my heart is supporting and uplifting women. When women support each other, incredible things happen. Sweetrocks will carry that mission by highlighting women weekly in hopes of education, support and inspiration of women.


    Our Today’s Woman Series will feature women from all walks of life offering a glimpse into each person’s story and tidbits of advice. Learning there is no “normal” and everyone has a different path. The Inspiring Woman Series, will shine the spotlight on famous individuals.  From the past to current, the featured ladies have pushed boundaries that made some, household names and some that quietly changed the world.


    Young girls, in their developmental years, seeing and hearing about women who look and think like them increase their dreams and ambitions to pursue whatever it is they want.  I did not grow up in a time when I saw these role models. As an adult, I realized how this shaped and molded my thoughts today. Through social media, I hope to reach as many women and girls to show support, love and that anything is possible!


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